About Red Bud Ave Publications

Welcome to Red Bud Ave Publications, LLC! Our purpose is to offer those who want to write a book the assistance in which they will need to get their book published. We here at Red Bud Ave Publications, LLC will serve as your professional resource to all of your publishing needs. Founded in 2009, our interests are in publishing materials regarding to urban fiction/street/hip-hop fiction, romance, poetry, inspirational, teen and young adult fiction, women/chic-lit, and general interest fiction.

Red Bud Ave Publications, LLC is owned and operated by Award-Winning author Teresa Seals. Once entering the world of publishing through a local publishing company and winning Author of the Year in 2006 the fulfillment of superior service was not reached. After an extensive search in the traditional market, it was discovered that the publishing industry was more difficult than imagined. Throughout this journey vital information was obtained about the publishing industry, Seals plans to use her experience to help others put their voice in print.  

Red Bud Ave Publications, LLC was established to give aspiring writers the necessary tools and knowledge to be successful in the literary world. Seals along with the Red Bud Ave Publications Management Team, are determined to making any aspiring writer's publishing experience pleasant giving them superior literary services.

The avenue that puts your voice in print!

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